All center of mass shots:

5.56 ($10,000) and 7.62 ($16,000) versions.  LOL @ three center of mass 752 yard shots in a row… incredible.  As it says at the end of the video, the odds of an actual sniper doing that according to the Army’s own data is 1 in 37,037.

As usual there are a few comments which are mind-bogglingly stupid.  Here’s my favorite:

“Way to make killing a game. Nice job! Lawsuits will be headed your way I’m sure.” -Adam Smith

TrackingPoint-LogoWow cool story Adam.  Oh and in conclusion SQUAAAAAAA aye.. ayyye.


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Playing card / Basketball / .22LR shenanigans:

22plinkster-YouTubeTHAT SHIT CRAY!

No word if they found him, and what the imposed fine was. (I don’t normally like to explain jokes, but it’s Friday so here’s some context for you geezers)

Yea I know I already use a Jay-z / Kanye line a few days ago in the Russian Gym Class AK-47 Operators post, but this post was also begging for a few.



This guy is an expert troll marksman:

I’m just annoyed he wasn’t tea cupping and holding it sideways gangsta style… that would be the ultimate grip.

Broad sides of barns everywhere are shaking in their boots.

Hat tip: Philip S.


Impressive shooting. He schooled those cops he was with.

I never did get a chance to watch his show “Lawman”, but the internet tells me it’s cancelled.


Holy.. this guy has skillz:

I’m embarrassed to say that I suck at shooting clays even with the spread that birdshot has.


A few days ago I blogged about the British Army sniper that set a new kill distance record with an Accuracy International L115A3.


Well it looks like the British are breeding Universal soldier types, because today some more impressive shooting was in the UK news:

A British sniper shot dead five Taliban gunmen in just 28 seconds to save the lives of comrades walking into an ambush.

The marksman felled the rebels from more than a mile away as they prepared to attack troops on foot patrol in Afghanistan.

The corporal  –  whose identity cannot be revealed for security reasons  –  has killed a record 37 enemy fighters during a four-month tour of duty.

Full Story – HERE

The phones at Accuracy International are likely ringing off the hook lately.

If I were British I’d  have done this in reaction to the article: