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Our mission is to become the premier security services firm in the United States by providing dedicated, professional security personnel and quality services to our clients.

A lofty goal.  Prepare to be dazzled by expert video after effects, stellar operational reloads mainly for dealing with hand injuries, and overdone useless “I didn’t see but I pretended to look” type threat assessments after every task.

0:31 – Special tenifer coated high speed low drag cookie sheets you wouldn’t know anything about.

0:42 – Aiming is for losers

0:53 – Injured your one hand?  Style points for opting to do a heel reload.  Not sure why you couldn’t just hit the slide release in a case like this when the gun is in slide lock… obviously it’s not as cool.

1:10 – Awwwwwwww shit the one handed reload.  We’ve seen this maneuver before!

1:17 – Weak hand upside down gun with pinky running the trigger.  If that wasn’t enough, peep the crotch reload.

1:28 – “Oh hold up… let me fix your upside down derp pinky trigger grip. There we go bRah… that’s much better.”

1:34 – Wow they are really trying to sell the idea of this one hand upside down pinky defense.

1:38 – If the standing heel reload earlier in the video wasn’t enough, if you train with them they will also throw in the kneeling heel reload at no extra cost.

1:48 – “Bitches don’t know ’bout my pivot / cookie sheet engagement”

1:57 – Knee tuck reload.  Sure, looks legit.

2:16 – Belt buckle reload.  Yea this is also a thing I’m not mad at, but couldn’t it be done on the side or back of the belt?

2:27 – BOOM hit you with mad credentials. Recognize.

A 2nd video on tactical defense shooting, with some additional lulz:

1:36 – Engage rapidly.  Throwing lead at 1000+ ft/sec in the general direction of something is obviously good enough.  Again, aiming is for low speed high drag losers.  As long as you make some noise and fake threat asses after, your good to go.

1:48 – Hot potato handgun… you know the drill.

2:00+ – hahah at the cut in LA bank robbery movie footage.

DerpIf you think you can handle this type of training, please don’t hesitate to contact Marshall Security Service & Training Academy.


Hat tip: NAZ, Owen, Caleb


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