Martin Bashir

This MrColionNoir bashing is getting ridiculous:

Our community is not interested in a corporate sponsored gun group telling us what to do, when their real mission is to make more money for the corporations that line their dirty pockets with rolls of cash and silver bullets. We’re much smarter than that and certainly can see through their motives. Until they show a real interest in solving the violence problem in our community, they can keep their Yankee hat-wearing spokesman and their African-American “campaigns” for themselves. In the words of another Internet star, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

His full article over at HuffPost

Wow haha.  Russell Simmons is an amazing business man, but it’s obvious his celebrity status and gang of bodyguards has him out of touch with the real issue of life threatening violence, that people of any color should be prepared for.  I wonder if he berates all the artists on his label constantly for their past and present issues with guns?  Interesting too how guns are featured prominently in a lot of rap videos, especially back in the day.

BET-Hates-MrColionNoir“This is highly highly offensive stuff.” -Julian Epstein

Thoughts?  I’m sad that I like some of the current and former Def Jam artists so much.


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