mass shooting

uggggggh haha:

From the video description “One Southern California man is doing his small part to help end gun violence.” 😂 cool story bro.  He’s so concerned that something in his house… his private domain “could become a part of another situation like that (mass shooting)”.

1:08 – “It makes me feel like I’ve been a small man, to have needed one of these”

Wait so how did destroying his personal AR-15 do a small part to “make things better”?  I’m not following.

Holy that guy is a piece of work.  Thoughts? I know some of you guys are going to be like “*smh* California” haha.

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Steven Crowder breaks it down:

chris-crocker-leave-rifles-aloneIf you missed the original video make sure to check it out.  A lot of you guys called bullshit on various parts of the video in the comments, which was awesome.