mass shootings

MrColionNoir with the truth:

Every time there’s a mass shooting, for the next month you’ll hear “the shooter this… the shooter that.. his family this… his life that” but when somebody stops a mass shooting all you hear is this *cricket noises*

Yea no kidding.  I guess low (or zero) body counts aren’t worth talking about though.  You gotta have blood all over that 1st page to sell the most papers! *smh*

MrColionNoir-YouTubeI’m starting to think that the initial hurdle we still have to overcome is the “guns kill people” fear, which most people who are against or scared of guns have.  It’s like yea exactly, guns do kill people and that’s the point.  I have yet to hear a solid argument against legal carry as a means for stopping threats such as mass shootings.




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