Master Ken

This is that obvious “buzz feed” style humor, but still alright in its own way:

I bet VODA is at home taking notes on this video.


Gat tip: Corey, JohnnyIShootStuff

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Master Ken is celebrating his 100th YouTube upload:

Master-Ken-Pistol-Disarmhaha good stuff.  Master Ken is priceless.

Remember his handgun disarrms?  That was great.


Master Ken doesn’t mess around when it comes to mustaches or handgun disarms:

Master-Ken-Pistol-Disarmhahah that’s pretty good, I like Master Ken’s style.

I could quote some parts of the video for LOLs, but you’re better off just watching it.

I feel that if Master Ken ever wanted to retire that red suit for something black with lots of MOLLE, the man would be a natural at operating in operations.

Hat tip: @ATAtactical