Corridor Digital back at it:

Awesome effects, and funny storyline as always.


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The Corridor Digital guys try Max Payne / Matrix style bullet time shooting:

Airsoft-Bullet-Time-ShootingConclusion: It’s as difficult as you’d think.

Do these guys even operate? :P  Everything looks so much cooler in slow motion.

5:48 – LOL they let the water delivery guy have a go at it.

Gat tip: John


Definitely better than I expected it would be.

It was kinda wearing on me near the end of it though.


Britain does have talent, but they obviously don’t have anyone internet savvy working for them seeing as they disabled embedding of the video.

Check out the video –>

Damn he’s good.  Someone needs to get that guy a gun, and some agents to chase after him.



Excuse the Russian overdubbing and enjoy:

I gotta hand it to Bollywood… they have quite the sense of humor over in India.

Is the main actor is this movie Athiradee Kaalam? Whoever it is, he looks a lot like the dude from the post Bollywood Music Video – Epic LOLz And Gun Play I did on an insane Bollywood music video.

Thanks for the email Jason.


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Full Story – HERE

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