Target market – enthusiastic skater tweens:

Hasbro owns NERF (which you’ve obviously heard of)… it only makes sense that the competition Mattel wants a piece of that action.  I think they have a pretty good shot considering their vast distribution network which is already in place.  

As you can see the BoomCo line contains a lot of bright colors, similar to NERF’s own.  Obvious reasons for that of course.  I’d definitely be tempted to break out the matte black rattlecan if I were to buy one.  Gotta watch where you play with that kind of thing outside though.  Probably even with fluorescent guns now too *ahem* oops I mean “blasters”.

I’m assuming Mattel had to carefully skirt a lot of NERF patents to make this happen.

BoomCo-Mattel-LogoComing summer 2014… you can check out the BoomCo website for more info.