Girls Guide To Guns Natalie x NRA News:

Natalie-Girls-Guide-To-Guns-ENDODamn I had no idea Mark Cuban was so pro-registration and anti-self defense.  Pretty dumb for a smart guy.  Not only gun registration, but also person registration?  Why don’t we just get serial numbers tattooed on our wrist and live in camps?

Episode 2 of Natalie’s show Love at First Shot is now out (I’ll post it and give my thoughts when I get time to watch it).  Episode 1 was amazing, so I have high expectations.

When I saw that M16 selector switch shirt on Natalie I was amazed!  That was printed in the very first run of my very first design, in a women’s 50/50 blend, complete with the original run woven tag.  That’s some 2011 original gangster stuff right there.  I just might run women’s shirts again sometime, we’ll see.



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