maxim 9

Nicely done marketing video:

1.25 minutes long, but it gets the job done.  I’m sure that gun will be in lots of movies and video games.  So far according to IMFDB it’s only set to be in “Ghost Recon: Wildlands”.  They are calling it the “Whisper” and it has a camouflage paint finish on it apparently.

Thoughts?  Have any of you shot the Maxim 9 yet?  Remember when I was invited into international waters for the unveiling of the gun, but didn’t accept the invitation?  Damn.

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Whoa this is cool and unexpected haha:

0:50 – ahhaah mans coming in hot with the Maxim 9, great muzzle discipline and all.

0:53 – The safety nazi in me was like “AHHHHH” when he swept his hand.  Oh well it wasn’t loaded yet. I’ll let it slide this time.

LOL what kind of a permit do you need for something like this?  Or is it one of those “FREE MEN DON’T ASK FOR PERMISSION” type things (plus being in what looks like the desert)?



Whoa… ok if I knew there was going to be integrally suppressed pistol (they call it the Maxim 9) shooting in international waters I would have moved some things around and hopped on a plane:

That is so cool looking.  Dudes be like “It jammed on him tho”… whatever, that was a prototype and he dumped the rest of that mag after without issue.   No making insensitive “limp wrist” jokes.  That’s my territory, but I decided to take the high road for once haha.  I’m sure Silencerco will iron out any issues before this goes primetime.  I’ve seen some other videos where there were no issues at all dumping the mag.

I take back what I said about Silencerco vaporware like 24 hours ago LOL… they delivered hard on this first release.  I actually wouldn’t have even said that if I remembered at the time, that they invited me last month to this event… because it was obviously going to be something big.  Do they have a partnership with S&W, or is this some fancy machining and molding going on at the Silencerco factory? I have so many other questions too… like how do you clean it?  Looks like it disconnects.  Is the baffle design really fancy?  What’s the weight of the entire gun?  Can you run it wet if you want to?

You know I’m looking forward to seeing a Glock version, and of course the obligatory Deagle brand deagle .50 version just for kicks… Hi-Point version is a necessity as well just to troll hard.  Silencerco has a good sense of humor, judging by the videos (and the fact they invited ME to this release) so I could see them doing a Hi-Point version.  I bet Silencerco is easily going to get the R&D of all this paid for by all the money rolling in from Hollywood who will want the Maxim 9 in the newest movies.

Silencerco-Maxim-9-internally-suppressed-pistolThoughts?  Do you see this as the future or do you like the idea of the classic removable silencer better?  Obviously each has their pros and cons it seems.

Besides the Maxim 9 (still in development), they actually have a rail mounted laser range finder (1 mi capability).  The price tag is $1000, which sounds reasonable.

Gat tip: Dan