An *whispers* exclusive *whispers* video from 5.11:


Interesting that they appear to have scrapped using the S&W M&P they originally built the maxim 9 around.  Looks like this one in the video is 3d printed for now (so awesome), and it uses Glock magazines and Glock sights.  Man, I really shit the bed on not accepting the invite to shoot that thing in International waters on the Silencerco yacht.

At least 5.11 is putting out some good vids, and not just focusing on pants to make Instructor Zero’s ass looks a few TIER’s better than it actually might be.

Gat tip: Dan


This is amazing:

Silencerco the GOAT with promo videos.

“Fuck earplugs” -Hiram Maxim.  I know a timeless quote when I hear one.

Silencerco-Maxim-9-internally-suppressed-pistolSilencerco-lower-back-tattooOh and I promised you guys in the last video of theirs I posted that I would update the lower back tattoo logo pic, to reflect their newest logo; so I did it.  Notice the cute “fight the noise” tattoo as well.  That’s such a good location, because you don’t see it until bae winks at you and casually throws her hair in a pony with the black fabric covered elastic that appeared literally out of thin air.  One of those – we got company coming over, would it kill you to put some pants on type of girls, you know what I’m saying?

Yea I’m a hypebeast when it comes to revolutionary new firearm designs for sure, but this Maxim integrally suppressed pistol rises above the hype… I mean look at that thing.  Remember when I called it vaporware?  Oops haha.  I’ll take the L on that one guys… I can admit when I’m wrong.

Thoughts?  Should I let that new photoshop breathe for a while, or go back to the drawing board? I’m sure with no bra + sideboob it’s not a tough sell… but I never know with you. Someone is always like “looks like a pointy left shoulder blade; 2/10” ahahha.


Good to see gun advertising going more mainstream:

BushmasterMaximHat tip:  SaysUncle Blog