This raises the bar for DERP… Impressive this early into 2014:

The MBX is an innovative system (patent pending) that allows the operator to deploy various tools for combat or utility more efficiently than ever. In non-combat scenarios, other proprietary attachments (i.e. glassbreaker / seatbelt cutter) can be deployed using the magazine as a handle without the sidearm.

Seriously?  Yea we’ve seen gun mounted knives before… but not like this.

0:06 – “When seconds mean lives, do you really want to compromise control of your sidearm to reach for a knife” – I see that sentiment and raise you “Do you really want to manipulate a knife attached to the baseplate of your handgun’s magazine?”

0:09 – Super serious demo begins here.

0:12 – Oh shit, he just brought his hand back and clipped the knife in somehow?  I bet that’s patented!  Nothing that cool and effective isn’t patented! *eye roll*


0:32 – LOLOLOL for real.

0:40 – Sweet workspace manipulations brAH.  That door frame is DONE. SON.

0:46 – Super realistic demo.

0:50 – See how easy it is to remove and put back on?  SEE!? SEEEEEEE?!

1:15 – Oh thank god they are coming out with a picatinny rail version!  I was looking for someplace unobtrusive to mount my 12-42x Nightforce scope and rape whistle.

Handgun-Magazine-Mounted-Bayonet-Knifehaha something tells me those other platforms wont ever get their mag bayonets.

Oh shit now I really wish I was going to SHOT!  Booth #32411 bitches! Lots more info and pictures on the Manly Innovations website.


Hat tip: Tim