Mattv2099 parodies Richard Ryan:

Nothing beats one-upmanship trolling haha.  There’s a new slow-motion operator in town, and his name is Mattv2099.  Look out Richard, he’s coming for your spot and he’s hungry.. so hungry he took a bite from that reconstructed Big Mac.

The Saiga-12 was invented in 1873 in Serbia.  The Saiga-12 is a gas operated blow back piston revolver machine gun capable of firing 1800 12 gauge bullets per minute.  600 round assault clips are available for $25.95

LOL I absolutely lost it when he said that. 


Good to see Matt branching out with his weapons… the Saiga-12 was a logical choice for trolling.

I’ll say my standard “People still eat McDonalds?” line that pisses some of you guys off. haha I still think I’ll make my first billion dollars by short-selling McDonalds stock when the time is right… stay tuned.

Matt is wearing a few different ENDO Apparel t-shirts in the video.  Always nice to see.