Everything seems to be going swimmingly up until 3:19:

3:19 – Sandwich rifle in your knee pit before you crouch down, then continually muzzle sweet your buddy’s head while you’re trying to help him.

Combat-Medic-Rifle-Sit-DownIs there a legit reason to do the above maneuver?  It just seems to me that in addition to the muzzle direction problem, it would make everything 100x more awkward and uncomfortable.  This is an AR-15 for god sake, not some jam-o-matic that’s doing to cry foul when it gets some dust from the ground on it if he were to put it to his side or in front of him.  Plus, if he ever needed to get to his rifle it’s an awkward spot to have it for that too.  Actually he grabs it at 4:09 just before he’s about to take the injured guy away and looks like he passes it across his calves a couple times.  Ross (the instructor) is a former US Navy Combat Media with several combat tours.


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Natalie Foster x NRA News talks about the blood lust problem we have in the USA:

1:20 – Shots fired at Chris Brown!  I hate that guy… what he did to Rihanna was unforgivable, I don’t care how talented he is, if there was any justice he would be cleaning toilets at McDonalds right now.

1:36 – That Rolling Stone magazine Boston Bomber cover was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen a publication do to sell papers.  Making him into some James Morrison type demigod.

2:42 – Yea, psychos know that killing a lot of people will make them infamous and turn them into a celebrity.  That’s NOT good.

Great video.  I’d have to say the delivery and message makes it Natalie’s best yet in my book.

Girls-Guide-To-Guns-Natalie-FosterUnlike some other gun blogs out there, I choose to keep ENDO mainly about humor.  Sure blogging about shootings would make me more ad money and no doubt sell more shirts because of the increased traffic.  If I did that  I’d just be part of the problem and I wouldn’t feel good about myself.



About the mainstream media doing what they do best:

One of the worst things is when they get shooter names wrong.  I forget the last time that happened (maybe Sandy Hook?  Boston bombing?) but all I remember is some kid was up on the news then a while later they were like “Ooops, it was someone else who killed all those people.. oh well here is his name”.  I really hope the times that has happened resulted in the news outfits being successfully sued for millions of dollars for temporarily ruining a person’s life, not to mention the long term effects because of the internet being “forever”.


Side note I’m glad to see Dom still rocking the face armor.


Connecticut news station talks to the CEO of Colt:

Wow, actual facts and unbiased reporting.  Shocking.  This is the type of thing that needs to be put in people’s faces on a national news level.


Full story over at NEWS8


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Hickok45-YoutubeHickok45 always make sense.  At least I hope he does for the whole thing ;)  I’m only about 1/3 of the way through it as I’m making this post.

I said in the past my video length attention span limit on YouTube hovers around 5 minutes… vids like this one are good just to put on in the background and listen too though because it’s not like you need to see him standing in one spot talking.



The gun store guys have a gripe a lot of your are familiar with:

The gun show loophole is such a load of crap.  They cover it all in the video, but basically it’s just a typical example of the media blowing everything out of proportion and getting the core facts wrong.