Melissa Joan Hart

They are flipping it on us with this one:

This is a classic move.  You watch the video, which is all safety related and they make you feel like if you disagree with any of it you must be a monster-trash-piece of a human being who hopes kids accidentally find guns and teens commit suicide with them.

From the Be Smart for Kids website:

Every year, at least 100 children age 17 and under die in unintentional shootings, and over 400 die by suicide with a gun. Many of these deaths are entirely preventable with responsible gun storage. We know we can keep our kids safer by introducing these five easy steps to parenting and everyday life:

S – Secure guns in homes and vehicles.
M – Model responsible behavior.
A – Ask about unsecured guns in other homes.
R – Recognize the risks of teen suicide.
T – Tell your peers to be SMART.

Please do not take this as callousness, but did anyone else think that 400 a year for teen gun suicides seemed quite low?  I just would have though it would have been higher.  Yes I think it’s a terrible waste of potential, devastating and selfish when even one person commits suicide, but I’d be willing to bet more than 400 teens die per year accidentally from hundreds of other things which no one is making videos about and throwing millions of dollars at with “grassroots (but not) effort”.

sabrina-promoKnowing what I know now I’d definitely left swipe Melissa.  Before though I always thought she had the “cool mom” look going on.  Now she has a bit of a “get money gut” under that flowy shirt and roots… plaGH, WOULDN’T.  She should have just kept cashing those Melissa & Joey checks while living off Sabrina The Teenage Witch residuals, and kept her beak closed on the gun issue.

Thoughts?  You happy with having your guns and ammo separated plus locked up in a safe, for the children?