Cute, but didn’t really need to be 7 minutes long:

4:58 – Of course Brandon TheAkGuy actually broke the mold and did something entertaining.  heheh Monica.

As I mentioned, this started as a TikTok makeup brush challenge if you care to cringe.

Thoughts?  Am I the only one who doesn’t know who at least half those people are?  Should I?  If there are any hidden gems I’m missing out on that I haven’t posted ever, I’d hope you guys would give me the heads up.  I think you guys know me well enough by now, to know what I like to post.

Wild that this is a CMMG produced video.  I had no idea they were still around; last I heard about them was when I used to log into ARFCOM like 10 years ago, and all I heard about was the BruThers losing their minds over the tactical bacon.  haha it still appears to be a flagship product too (one of the slides in the top slider thing).  I don’t know how much I thought a can of bacon would be… maybe like $7?  $10?  I almost fell off my chair when I saw they are $23 each.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Brandon with the good hair does a bEtO meme review:

I’m happy to say I just found out what a bEtO was last week.  Although I find politicians peak cringe, the memes are pretty fire when they are gun related.

6:42 – LOL I’ll have to lift that clip for an IG post haha.

Brandon is wearing the ENDO Abotomat t-shirt 🤝 Hell ya bOrther always nice to see him in the brand.. one of my favorite fly under the radar designs.



This is the type of thing that keeps me up at night:

Hmmmm… 🤔 I’m torn on that one.  I’ll have to give it some more thought.  I’m leaning toward the bottom one though, because it’s more anthropomorphic with the two arm like extensions, and a face area.

Any thoughts fellas?

Gat tip: AR15SafeSpace


OMG people lost their damn minds over this:

Instagrammer Ohio2A posted the meme, I thought the caption + picture was funny so I reposted it as I often do.  People then proceeded to have a meltdown because the person pictured is Mike Pannone.   Once I was put onto that name, I still had no idea who that was.  Did the name sound vaguely familiar?  Sure, but I have a lot of interests spanning across multiple industries and I didn’t recognize the face.  It’s a real shame actually, that I don’t have the brain capacity nor the reference picture rolodex built to keep up on how 360 degrees of the face of everyone whose ever done anything notable looks at this current moment in time, linked to their credentials.  Maybe I could build an app or something to provide pre-meme post/repost facial recognition and credential scanning, which would then in turn use a series of complex algorithms to calculate potential butthurt and potential viral exposure.  As far as I know Mike’s not putting out derpy, sensational, or troll bait YouTube videos, so that would explain why he’s not on my radar.

If you made popcorn and want to scroll comments:

If anyone cares, Mike Pannone himself commented on my Facebook post.  The white knights can rest easy that Mike doesn’t give a shit about the meme:

Thoughts?  Seeing the reaction, this really makes me want to make a meme up of my own… where I pretend I don’t know who Larry Vickers, Colion Noir, or maybe John Browning is.


*quietly wipes tears with punisher logo T-shirt and adjusts position of molon labe SIG 1911 in its nylon holster*

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For you 1911 guys, the only easy day was yesterday.