This is the type of thing that keeps me up at night:

Hmmmm… ūü§Ē I’m torn on that one. ¬†I’ll have to give it some more thought. ¬†I’m leaning toward the bottom one though, because it’s more anthropomorphic with the two arm like extensions, and a face area.

Any thoughts fellas?

Gat tip: AR15SafeSpace


OMG people lost their damn minds over this:

Instagrammer Ohio2A posted the meme, I thought the caption +¬†picture was funny so I reposted it as I often do. ¬†People then proceeded to have a meltdown because the person pictured is Mike Pannone. ¬† Once I was put onto that name, I still had no idea who that was. ¬†Did the name sound vaguely familiar? ¬†Sure, but I have a lot of interests spanning across¬†multiple industries and I didn’t recognize the face. ¬†It’s a real shame actually, that I don’t have the brain capacity nor the reference picture¬†rolodex built to keep up on how 360 degrees of the face of everyone whose ever done anything notable looks at this current moment in time, linked to their credentials. ¬†Maybe I could build an app or something to provide pre-meme post/repost facial recognition and credential scanning, which would then in turn use a series of complex algorithms to calculate potential butthurt and potential viral exposure. ¬†As far as I know¬†Mike’s not putting out derpy, sensational, or troll bait YouTube videos, so that would explain why he’s not on my radar.

If you made popcorn and want to scroll comments:

If anyone cares, Mike Pannone himself commented on my Facebook post. ¬†The white knights can rest easy that Mike doesn’t give a shit about the meme:

Thoughts? ¬†Seeing the reaction, this really makes me want to make a meme up of my own… where I pretend I don’t know who Larry Vickers, Colion Noir, or maybe John Browning is.


*quietly wipes tears with punisher logo T-shirt and adjusts position of molon labe SIG 1911 in its nylon holster*

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For you 1911 guys, the only easy day was yesterday.


I posted that picture on Instagram and Facebook, and wow you can sure tell who’s a ENDO regular and who isn’t LOL.


Yea it’s like this:


LOL amazing.  I wish I could take credit for it.