Oh shit!


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Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-ShootingMade that meme up this afternoon and Monicas on Instagram loved it.  You should be following me there because I DON’T cross post a lot of the fire content to here.  I even give stickers away on instagram occasionally.

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Real hip-hop heads, please just picture Project Pat instead of J Cole.

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Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved. J Cole, Project Pat… which is your favorite? I know many of you guys despise rap so just don’t answer if that’s the case haha.

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This put some numbers up on Instagram yesterday if you’re still not following:


haha good times, good times. :P  I’ve got memes for days, so you all better be ready.


Something I made up for Instagram (click play):

and you realized she could no longer be your bae. ??

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ClipMagazineLessonIf you’re not following me on Instagram, you’re really missing out on some good laughs, discussion, and funny comments from the others.


For all you picky #foreveralones:


I saw another good one where she answered “Hi-Point” and he called NEXT haha.

Does a girl’s taste in firearms and/or general knowledge of them factor in for you?  Is it just enough that she doesn’t hate them?  Maybe just as long as she doesn’t wear notch hats, tactical arm tape, a life helmet backpack, and carry a Hi-Point?

Hat tip: Zane


Mattv2099 brings the Serbian kebab removal heat this winter:

remove-kebab-memeI heard that for inspiration, Matt and his girlfriend watched this 10 hour remove kebab video 3 times back to back. I feel like asking to borrow my grandma’s (we called her Gramsie) accordion just so I can learn that song and win at life.

I’d say Matt’s kebab removal was a success.

Matt is working an early version of the California No Right To Bear Arms T-shirt. Buy one for yourself, and someone else.

Serbia strong.  No thoughts necessary, so I’m not going to ask.