metal detector

A kid, a metal detector, a river, and lots of old rusted gun parts:

Seems like a cool hobby.  I’d probably be entertained as long as I found interesting stuff like this mixed in with all the garbage finds.

So many firearms and law experts in the comments on YouTube haha.

metal-detector-guns-riverWhat’s your theory on this cache?  I’m guessing crime guns like some of the commenters also guessed.  I’m sure forensics could still be done on the filed off serial numbers on a lot of those receivers.

From YouTube commenter Ben Garrison, this is what was found:

  • UZI submachine gun upper receiver
  • SA26 stock
  • PPSH41 upper receiver
  • Thompson SMG lower receiver.
  • STEN submachine gun trigger assembly
  • UZI front half of upper reviver
  • Uzi barrel
  • Another Thompson lower reviver
  • A third Thompson lower
  • Bolt for an UZI SMG
  • Looks like a .22 caliber silencer (possibly illegal to own)
  • Looks like the cut of stub of a barrel
  • Sawed off DP28 barrel with part of the barrel jacket and front sight
  • LarMother-Of-God-Memege silencer, probably for a .45 caliber MAC10 (Possibly illegal to own)
  • Upper receiver for a STEN, would probably fit the trigger assembly he found earlier
  • Magazine housing for a STEN
  • Bolt for an M1 Thompson SMG
  • Most of an SA26
  • not sure what the but plate if for, but it’s similar to an AK
  • The thing on the rock he calls slide is an upper reviver for a Thompson SMG (may very well be illegal to own)

Gat tip: SmoothOperator45