Longtime blog follower / commenter Andy Wolf puts some lead downrange:

Andy-Wolf-ENDOOldschool version of the California No Right To Bear Arms shirt with the extra-aggressive distressing.  Size Smedium, which is key he says.  The NY reload was so crucial.. all he was missing was the temple index scan at the end. :P

Man that range is awesome, I love targets like that.  It’s a Military range as expected.

Always nice to see vids or pics (Instagram or emailed to me etc..) from you guys so I can put a face to a username.


Well the metrosexual part is debatable… It looks like something the cowboy from the Village People would approve of:

If you actually were to go out on a limb and wear one of these, id suggest arming yourself with a knife minimum.

What ever happened to carrying your phone and keys in your pocket?  Or are some of the guy jeans too tight nowadays to do that?

You can check out the designer Dayne Jewell’s website – HERE

The price for the belt and the holster is $219 EUR which converts to $302 USD. I’m not sure if he will ship to the US.