Look ma no hands:

Mexican-Police-Motorcycle-StuntingStunt!  Stunt!  Stunt! Stunt!

Funny thing is in Mexico these guys probably got a promotion when their supervisor saw this vid.



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A recent video put out by an anti-gun group GunWar:

haha how poorly done.  Not only does the one narrator suck, but as weer’d mentioned in his post they got their “facts” completely wrong.  The ATF allowed these straw purchases to happen because they wanted to track the guns to high level traffickers and key figures in the Mexican cartels.  So much for the scary part of the video.

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Must have been a slow news day for Reuters:

Mexico’s president, who has repeatedly called on Washington to tighten gun controls to stop weapons flowing from the United States into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, said U.S. weapons policy needed a rethink after the killings.

“Because of the Aurora, Colorado tragedy, the American Congress must review its mistaken legislation on guns. It’s doing damage to us all,” Calderon said.

Calderon has also urged Washington to revive a ban on assault weapons in the United States that expired in 2004.

Full Story – HERE

I’m still trying to figure out why we would possibly give a shit about what Mexico or its president thinks of our laws.  Last time I checked that place was a separate country, and still the lawless, dirty, corrupt, ass crack of North America.  Also, how does a shooting in Colorado effect Mexico?


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These good looking blondes must have an ATF contact:

I was skeptical.. then I saw the blank firing adapters, and they they let it rip.   HELL YEA!

*Seconds later 60 people in the balconies are dead*  I kid… I kid…

I don’t know if the song is an old Mexican classic or not, but it appears to have gained popularity from being the intro to the 1995 Antonio Banderas movie Desperado.

Can you imagine if someone on stage did that at a concert in the U.S.?  That likely wouldn’t go over well with the general arts type crowds.


40,000+ people dead in a little over a year.

  • The RED balloons are civilians.
  • The RED balloons with a dot are politicians, and other high profile killings.
  • The BLUE balloons are police officers and soldiers (and other law enforcement).
  • The BLUE balloons with a dot are high ranking officers.
  • The YELLOW suns represent car bombs while the 2 GREEN people represent mass graves.

You can check out the website that’s tracking them – HERE

A direct link to the google map with a description of each death – HERE

Like I needed a reminder that I promised myself years ago I would never go back to Mexcio. There are plenty of other hot places on this planet that are cleaner, and the probability of getting killed is lower.