When your successes are minimal to non-existent.. brag about it anyway:

I feel like that guy is trying to sell me a used Dodge Charger, and she’s actually a robot from the gun control future.

1:00 – 82% of gun owners support “common sense gun laws”?  Didn’t that number turn out to be a sham because “common sense” didn’t actually mean “common sense” in the traditional non-disarmament sense.

1:55 – In Colorado they put together a “state of the art background check bill”.  Same old “we stopped XXX people from getting guns” with YYY law bullshit.  Yea, because someone who doesn’t pass a background check couldn’t just buy one off the streets 5 minutes later right?  Criminals gonna be criminals.

Nutnfancy-Googly-Eyes-Herp-Derp2:32 – That’s a good looking bus, I’ll give them that.

3:00 – They are touting that “Starbucks” open carry thing as such a victory… hilarious.