Michael Barnes

I definitely need a RMR milled into my slide some day:

A quick run through of the criteria needed to be an operator:

✔Noise cancelling hearing protection
✔Oakley sunglasses
✔Scruffy Beard
✔Polo shirt with random operator companies you’ve probably never heard of
✔Thermal long sleeve under the polo shirt
✔Paracord bracelet
✔Weapon light during daylight ops
✔Suunto watch
✔Raven Concealment holster

Yea this guy is an operator.

You gotta love the sound in MichaelBarnes‘ videos too.


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This guy knows how to film a gun being fired:

Make sure to check out his YouTube channel.  He’s got several more videos, and they are all as good of quality.

I’m guessing he’s recording sound separately because the quality of it is damn good as well.

If you don’t watch the vids in 1080p with your system cranked to 11 you are doing yourself a disservice.

Even his mag changes are Operator as &@#* (for the most part.. bit of a fumble after that surefire one).