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Plus an additional 35 more pages you can look through on the CA DOJ website.

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Priceless… but at the same time not.  California gonna California.

I’m assuming “Ghost guns” are secretly listed on the removed PDF, but are so ghostly we can’t even see them.

Thoughts?  Are you looking forward to micro-stamping saving as many lives as I am?  California will have approximately zero unsolved crimes by this time next year, I know it.


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(0:53) – If there’s a match, a forensics lab can identify the specific firearm used in a crime.

No, they can only identify the specific firearm that case came from!  Just because there are things scattered around a crime scene, it doesn’t mean they necessary relevant.

It’s not talked about in the video, but the whole micro-stamping thing is going to be such a disaster if it ever goes mainstream.  First of all the fact it can be defeated by filing down or swapping out the firing pin is hilarious.  Second of all, it would (or should anyway) bring the average law abiding shooter’s spent brass collection efforts to an all time high.  Why would I want shell casings linking back to me left around for someone else to pick up and sprinkle at a crime scene or preemptively at random places in the hood?  In fact the thought of that already bothers me if convictions are happening on the basis of shell casings alone.



This is awesome:

BAN NAILS!  Or at least require a background check and serial number registration system.

Handy to know that if i’m ever short a nail I can always head over to my AR-15. :P


Hat tip: Scott