Mike Mah

All in one derp solution: Shoulder holster handgun carry, Neck handgun carry, middle of back handgun carry WITH middle of back knife:

So let me get this straight… Mike Mah A.K.A. “NoStressMike” says you should wear that ridiculous shoulder holster with a handgun and extra magazine… ONLY TO MAKE IT INACCESSIBLE by wearing a damn hoody?  Cool story “No Stress”… can I call you that?

0:51 – But wait…. the solution to the inaccessibility due to the hoody is naturally a gun mounted to the back of your neck.  So comfortable I bet.

1:53 – Oh but it gets better… at around 2 minutes he introduces us to his 3rd line of defense. which is downward draw ITH (Inside The Hoody) bowie knife which took far too long to access even under the most ideal conditions.

2:17 – Hold up guys… “Mike Mah is internationally respected for his health and safety knowledge and experience”.  I guess I better quit talking shit right now. He obviously knows more than I’ll ever know.

2:23 – LOL to make things better yet, he has a 3rd gun awkwardly place at the middle of his back.

Mike-Mah-NoStressMike3:01 – He has the audacity to shit on the good name of New York Reload, and call his setup that?  I’d call it a Triple-Derp-Inaccessibility (TDI) reload.

I genuinely try to avoid using the word “retarded” in real life and on the blog because I know it’s offensive.  If you don’t find the fact his blog post (now removed) on this topic is called Special Tactics for Special Needs ironic then I really don’t know what to say (It’s retarded… get it? LOL).


Hat tip: Jason