Shots fired over at Funny or Die:

HSLD-Operator-Rio-Police-OfficerLOL I thought it was pretty good, in a funny because it’s true type of way (true according to what I heard and read on the internet anyway).

Any rustled jimmies or knotted panties in the crowd from this?


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50,000+ raids per year.  VICE reports… this is a problem:

In recent years, a small amount of hackers and gamers have been anonymously reporting fake hostage situations, shootings, and other violent crimes designed to send elite police units, like SWAT teams, to unsuspecting people at their residences.

Kids are crazy nowadays.  The first time I heard the term swatting I though I was being trolled, but once I looked further into it I found out it was actually real.

Really nice of them to show kids which apps, and cards they can buy to pull this type of “prank” off.

Mona-Lisa-ACU-military-womenHoly a lot of money is dumped into those “just in case” SWAT teams that aren’t even in big cities.

2:39 – WHOA, that BEAR vehicle is awesome.  For $400,000 I hope so.

I wonder how much more money it will take to get some of those Somerset County SWAT guys out of oldschool woodland camo and into some fancy new Scorpion, or Multicam?  Don’t get me wrong, woodland is my favorite but it’s not modern.

At the end of the video it mentions a 16 year old Canadian kid getting arrested for 30 counts of swatting.  There are 60 criminal charges pending, whoa…. I wonder how that will end.

Anyone ever been a victim of swatting, or know about a swatting story first hand?