Mini Rifle

GunWebsites as always with the cool stuff:

Mini-AK47He sure has some interesting / rare stuff.  I don’t really know if I need or want a Mini AK, but I’m glad they exist.  After collecting a lot of things when I was young (hockey cards, baseball Cards, garbage pail kid cards, POGs, rocks, beach glass etc.. etc..) and never looking at them in like 20 years, I’m really “over” accumulating things that have no actual use and are probably a pain in the ass to even sell.  My parents basement and my old room can only hold so much.  Oh you all thought I still lived there? HA.  Well maybe I do, and my mom is washing the Cheeto dust Natty Ice blend out of my clothes right now?  How old do your parents have to be until it by default switches over to telling people “My parents live with me”, you know because you’re such a good guy and take care of them.  I’m asking for a friend. *shifty eyes*

Anyway, If I ever get my hands on some mini AKs I’ll definitely put up a giveaway.


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