Summertime fun:

There’s a huge thread here a forum called Khadas, laying out how he made it.  Looks like a fun little project.

I wish he would have had the water on full blast in the above vid. The kid is having fun with it anyways haha.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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7.62x51mm 3000 rounds per minute:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtMan… mini guns are so awesome.  I love that design.  Seeing it in slow motion was really cool too.

hahah 1:45 – Richards face when he’s holding the button and brass is raining out

It always blows my mind that Richard does all this stuff legally within the state of California. After hearing all the hoops he has to jump through it sounds like a huge pain, however I admire the fact he doesn’t just get up and leave the state simply because it would be easier elsewhere. California is his home so he wants to stay.


Ahoy with the history and dat accent:

You know I love that guy’s vids.  Great vector graphics as usual.

haha 3:40 he mentions Predator and T2.

Anyone who uses Wolfenstein and Doom to support their thesis is good with me. *daps*

Minigun-Wheelchair-26:45 – “The soft whirr of the electric motor; the prelude to a cacophony of carnage.” <— Well put.

Remember minigun wheelchair (pictured)? haha

Question for you guys.. with the high rate of fire on these things does the brass get deformed at all when it’s ejected so aggressively?


Joerg Sprave doesn’t play around:

8 barrels that fire pistol crossbow bolts.  “As you know I love weaponizing Black & Decker tools” hahahaha

Joerg-SpraveHe’s sure coming up with some interesting more complicated designs lately.

Even though he was fairly close, the accuracy looked quite deadly.  Ban assault slingshots!

I still think he could make a good living if someone refined his designs for and paid him royalties. Thoughts?


Thousands of dollars worth of ammunition, and pretty boring to watch:

What a perfectly good opportunity to blow some shit up… wasted.. just wasted.   Like for god sake at least saw a tree in half or something!

Seriously FPS Russia.. if you’re running out of ideas holler at me.  I think of things to shoot at that you only could dream of.    I say we combine your access to insane weapons, with my creative mind and make some real videos.

The Mini Gun Is a GE M134.  I don’t know much about mini guns, but that seems to be the one that’s always talked about so I’m assuming there aren’t too many other popular models out there.  Back in 2009 if you had $250,000 you could have picked up your very own GE M134 Minigun , i’m not sure if it’s still available.

Hat tip: Cayton J.


Now that’s what I call OPEN CARRY!