hahahah this would really go over well at your next NERF game:

*shrug* why not? amirite fellas?

NERF has sure come a long way in last couple decades.

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Pretty good vid. That 1987 Nissan Pathfinder actually looks pretty badass after it’s all modded up. haha


Seriously guys… talk your buddy out of it if he hasn’t practiced on something less valuable.

I see so many failed dremel tool modifications on guns involving grip stippling, grip modification, backstraps etc… it needs to be stopped.


Someone got in over their head trying to shorten the grip on a Glock 17 to make it more “subcompact”:

He’s selling it now on for $350 which isn’t a terrible deal if you have a tight budget and are good with grip mods.

I’m sure in the end someone will buy it for the slide only.

More pictures – HERE


A similar (or the same?) MAC-11 M11A1 modification to accept Glock magazines which I blogged about back in March is up for sale on Gunbroker:

Link to auction –

The minimum bid is $5479, which seems steep to me. I have no idea how much those things are worth, but I think id rather have a few other guns than that one.  It has been re-listed on Gunbroker a lot of times.

Hat tip: theoperator


And converted from .380 to 9mm:

Was constructed from a .380 small MAC and a CCF Raceframe aftermarket stainless steel glock frame ($320).

The modification definitely improved ergonomics.  The rate of fire (ROF) is apparently comparable to a Glock18.

Another clear advantage of this conversion is that the 33 round 9mm Glock magazines (~$30) are less than 1/2 the price of the OEM 32 round zytel (plastic) Cobray magazines.  This is going by the $75 price on Cobray’s website , although the magazines do appear to be available for cheaper on online auction sites such as gunbroker.

One thing you’re giving up by doing the conversion is the ability to use these awesome aftermarket 58 round magazines available for 9mm regular MAC-11 conversions :P