moms demand action

This video is VERY nicely done, but contains loads of bullshit:

I love how they are so tricky… one minute they are “against gun violence” (Yea… who isn’t?  I don’t know anyone pro gun who is like I LOVE GUN VIOLENCE, innocent people dying is awesome.  Like what the hell? *smh*), and now all of the sudden they are the experts on safe storage and gun safety (2:37)?  If you read their website and facebook page, and recognize the fact they are backed by Michael Bloomberg’s money it’s not hard to see they want guns gone, period.  This video is sneaky though.

Moms-Demand-Gun-Bans-Little-Red-Ridinghood3:33 – “In the 2014 election we worked to pass a ballot initiative in Washington state that requires criminal background checks for all gun sales, keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals.”    AHAHHAHAHAHHA *falls off back of chair laughing so hard* riiiight.

3:58 – Another zinger… “We’ve passed laws which keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers”.   Wow *slow clap* amazing how they think putting something down in words is actually doing something.  I’m sure criminals are shaking in their boots.


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Says Moms demand common sense:

Everytown-for-gun-safety-logoOh wait, that was Moms Demand Action, and they want Kroger to ban guns (still).  Guess what?  Kroger still doesn’t give a shit what Shannon Watts A.K.A. “5000 Bitch-a-Watts” wants.  If the law in the states Kroger is in says carry is legal, then Kroger has been allowing it.  What an interesting concept… to just follow the laws rather than trying to make your own.  If Bloomberg didn’t have basically unlimited play money to throw at this cause I’d think MDA eventually backing down from Kroger was a victory for the pro-gun camp.   They will just go after weaker more easily pressured businesses and chains with their schoolyard bully tactics.



Everybody freak out because a supermarket chain abides by a law which some people don’t like:




Here is their plea: “Please keep your employees, customers, and their families safe from the threat of gun violence by prohibiting people from openly carrying weapons in your stores.”

Good call moms, so many lives lost to gun violence by average law abiding citizens every day in supermarkets… it’s just lucky / convenient they sell towels and cleaning supplies to get rid of all the blood and guts.

Yawn.  I have no idea why some of these companies listen to them, but what their doing occasionally seems to work.  People who support the agenda of Mom’s Demand Action just can’t distinguish “law abiding gun owner” from “criminal”, nor do they even try. The GUN is what kills people, PERIOD.  Police of course get a “pass” with the moms because as we all know, police get 1000+ hours of training every year making them so skilled they can shoot the gun out of a criminal’s hand, without hurting the poor criminal. *eye roll*

I love how their argument is “Kroger doesn’t allow shirtless men, skateboarding, and outside food in their stores!  Why do they allow the carry of firearms?”.  Yea watertight analogy right there… those things are all basically identical in importance to staying breathing in case someone wants to kill you.

If you want to yank your hair out with frustration, make sure you head over to the post about this Kroger bullshit on the Mom’s Demand Action facebook page.  I really don’t know how people who are so afraid, actually manage to live functional lives.  Also, It must be exhausting keeping an internal list of places to boycott;  I know lots of pro-gun people do that as well though.



Mom’s Demand Action (Mom’s Who Want To Ban Everything) is now in a crusade against getting gun sales off Facebook:

So let me get this straight… law abiding citizens are LEGALLY advertising their guns for sale on a public forum and you have a problem with that?  *smh*  just move to the UK already moms.  They don’t allow pointy objects over there either, so you can focus your attention on banning something like pillows used for suffocation murders, or something else incredibly scary.

0:21 – “enough mags to take out a few presidents xD”.  Seriously?  Who says shit like that?

Are these moms aware that if someone were to sell their gun to a criminal who saw it on Facebook, that “law abiding” person would also be committing a serious felony?  So much derp.

Can you imagine the bricks that would be shit over my Like Button T-shirt?



When your successes are minimal to non-existent.. brag about it anyway:

I feel like that guy is trying to sell me a used Dodge Charger, and she’s actually a robot from the gun control future.

1:00 – 82% of gun owners support “common sense gun laws”?  Didn’t that number turn out to be a sham because “common sense” didn’t actually mean “common sense” in the traditional non-disarmament sense.

1:55 – In Colorado they put together a “state of the art background check bill”.  Same old “we stopped XXX people from getting guns” with YYY law bullshit.  Yea, because someone who doesn’t pass a background check couldn’t just buy one off the streets 5 minutes later right?  Criminals gonna be criminals.

Nutnfancy-Googly-Eyes-Herp-Derp2:32 – That’s a good looking bus, I’ll give them that.

3:00 – They are touting that “Starbucks” open carry thing as such a victory… hilarious.



From Mom’s Demand Action… The same group that demonized the AR-15 in slow motion:




So as you can see the kids got their hands on an M4 not and AR-15 somehow (identifiable by the additional hole in the lower receiver above the fire selector switch).  In addition two out of three of them have terrible trigger discipline, which may or may not have been staged that way on purpose.  Cool looking pictures… weak message.

Since when are “assault weapons” violent on their own?

This might be my imagination… but does anyone else think it looks like magazine wasn’t seated properly in order to make it look longer than it actually is?

The little girl in picture #1 is the most badass.  That thousand yard stare is intense.

Considering no 8-12 year old kid (I’m assuming that’s the age range of these) hasn’t ever shot up a school (as far as I know) then the whole OMG A KID HOLDING AN ASSAULT RIFLE WITH A HIGH CAPACITY ASSAULT CLIP READY TO KILL PEOPLE message they were going to falls really short.


Hat tip: Kevin, Russell