Ugh painful.  You might recognize her from SNL back in the day:

This “PSA” took a hell of a long time to get to the point.  The entire video was 1:44 and the build up of nothing but garbage was until 1:17… followed by some quick fear mongering. Oh you know… the type where guns will either go off by themselves, or every gun owner is a careless lunatic just seconds away from potentially killing everyone in the room.

Moms-Against-EverythingOh and this is good “Loaded guns. Families with kids. And alcohol. It’s a legal combination in more than 40 states.  What could go wrong?” Then they direct you to their website with a couple “facts” and a scarily worded paragraph or two talking about how much bloodshed there is and will be because law abiding citizens have freedom to make their own decisions.


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Nonsense in America.  A great Moms Demand Action facebook troll page:




Moms-Against-EverythingMake sure to check out more of the funny Moms Against Everything pics, and pass them around.  I’d like to say I was surprised that there are many comments on that page from people that don’t “get” that it’s a parody.

Thoughts?  Ban EVERYTHING?

Hat tip: Dawud


Moms Demand Action x Mayors Against Illegal Guns:

If the underlying message of this video was that we need to figure out how to stop these shootings by fixing the system through early/proper diagnosis of mental health issues, then I could get behind that.  Moms Demand Action is nothing more than a useless “BAN ALL GUNS” organization though.  They are sneaky / derpy with their videos and other advertising campaigns, but ultimately that is their goal.  You probably remember that they were at the forefront of the complaining to Starbucks that guns in their stores hurt poor widdle feelings.  I see on the Moms Demand Action website now they are bother Staples to “take a stand and prohibit firearms” in all their stores because of some shooting at a Staples in North Carolina.  Clearly guns and office supplies don’t mix… I have a pack of sharpies near my Glocks I should probably go move right now in fact.

Is a December 14th moment of silence really a thing they will make kids do at school?  If so, that would have scared the shit out of me.  “Hey class… last year some psycho walked in a school just like this one and slaughtered 20 kids just like you.  please sit here and think about that for a minute.”

Some of the moms past / best work:



Blowing gun violence out of proportion, one derpy video at a time:

Damn if I would have known about this commercial I’d have tried to work in some ENDO Apparel product placement.  That target shirt little dude is rocking is legit though… American Apparel even!

Troll-FaceCould they have not got a LBE vest that fit him?  Amateurs.

Moms Demand Action are expert level trolls, I respect that.  As pro gun internet users we could learn a thing or two from them when it comes to trolling.