Mookie is the brand ambassador for Dick Spider.  TacDaddy is TacDaddy:

haha when he beats the optic on the chair.  From what I’ve seen of Mookie interviews that guy gives 0 shits about what anyone thinks.  No wonder Spikes hired him to talk to people about the brand.  I’ve also never seen a more polarizing character in the gun industry…. some people HATE him so much and flood the comments, others LOVE everything he says and does.  Frankly I have no idea why it’s so strong either way.  As usual I don’t have an opinion because I haven’t met the guy, and don’t know what’s true and what isn’t.  Funny to watch the shit storm every time he appears in a video somewhere though.

spikes-tactical-logoSpikes Tactical really dropped the ball not calling it Dick Spider Optics for real though.  Sometimes you just gotta embrace that type of thing for the greater good.

For $170 probably not bad *shrug*.  I’d link the specs to you, but since I don’t have an MIT PhD from 1992 in website technology I can’t find it on that 5000 link homepage monstrosity.  Any l33t Hax0rz out there who can find it, drop me a link in the comments.