Do you need a special license to shoot dummy mortars in California (or anywhere else for that matter)?  Seems like something which is definitely #NotLegalInCalifornia.

1:13 – haha well that seems dangerous.  Especially since their aim as seen in the video isn’t historically the best.

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtRichard has been destroying that old truck of his for a while now.  Kinda glad this is the last regular video of it… I was waiting for something big time like him making a rats nest of det cord in it, or putting a 5 gallon pail full of c4 inside it or something.


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You have to make the back story up for this one in your head:

I like that it has a dark twist to it… most fake gun battles are sickeningly playful.

NERF Mortars huh?  *madly scribbles it on to do list*

Before making a video with toy guns, people should learn a thing or two from the Kids, Guns & Special Effects music video I posted about earlier in the year.  To date, that is the most epic video of such a type that i’ve come across.


Input Coordinates And Wave Goodbye:

The APMI XM395, cartridge uses a standard M934 high-explosive 120mm projectile body. In the nose, a GPS receiver and computer controlled aerodynamic directional fins keep the round on its programmed trajectory. Folding fins in the tail provide stability.

APMI also has a multi-functional fuse, which allows the round to be programmed to explode in the air, once it hits a hard surface or after it penetrates inside a target.

In order for the autonomous flight and fuse control to function properly, operators must input mission and GPS data from a fire control computer into the round using a setting device.

Full Story – HERE

It warms my heart to see technology used to more efficiently kill our enemies.

Hat Tip: Mark M


Could be fake, but it’s funny regardless.

Another similar classic video – HERE