Mosin Nagant

This guy is a living legend:

I’ll never reach an age where people doing dumb stuff to guns, won’t be the funniest thing on earth to me.

I’m so happy there’s that video to cement the moment in time.  The image that was passed around last week, although fun and all just doesn’t have the raw emotion of seeing it in video form.  I sure hope Kekistani Armorer keeps trolling for sport; looks like he has some other interesting vids up on his channel.


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TacticalNooB42 upgrades his SHTF classic:

Mosin-Nagant-Fishing-Rodhahah that’s really awesome.  He should have shot the fish once he got it out of the water.

Someone should mount a rod and reel on an AR-15 and go shark-with-laser-beam fishing.



Demolition Ranch javelins just a Mosin inside his home.

Dwarf footage hit the cutting room floor:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDOThe founding fathers never anticipated the Mosin Nagant being used as an assault javelin.   Ban Mosin Nagants! Demolition Ranch told me he originally tossed a dwarf who was holding the Mosin, but deemed it too edgy for YouTube. He thinks you guys aren’t ready for such a thing.

I now feel like attaching one of those derp axe blades to my Glock, and throwing it like a tomahawk to see if I can make it stick into something.  HEY THERE’S A VIDEO FOR YOU DEMORanch! DO IT!



So much for expensive guns… he cops a Mosin and goes inna woods:

Not my style, but if you’re trying to go “modern tactical” for cheap I suppose it’s a pretty good option.  Like he said, surplus ammo is really easy to come by too.  I’ve seen different M44 kits that are full of picatinny rails too which some guys might like more.

FPS-RussiaI’m still optimistic, but I think FPS may have officially lost his touch.  Time will tell…



Mattv2099 making dinner with an M44:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingThe world would be a better place is Matt got an actual slow motion camera that could do thousands of frames per second.

Cue the comments of how useless the videos like this which he makes are, and how I wasted your precious time by you even having to scroll past it. haha



What happens when you shoot a bag of chips:

Mattv2099-Shooting-Potato-ChipsI actually never even had that question… but I feel like a better person knowing the answer.  Thanks Mattv2099! :P

Should have put a container of Heluva Good Dip on the bayonet for a finale!  *sigh* Missed trollportunities