The promo vid for the MC2c compact has me asking “why?”:

Gotta have “THE VOICE” apparently.  At least they didn’t go full-piehitter and use the over the top guy Springfield uses.

My initial thought was “Why does this exist?  I don’t see anything new.” then I remembered a business podcast I was listening to lately that was talking about large markets and how even if there are multiple players in the market essentially doing the same thing, there is still generally money to go around.  Makes sense… there’s not just one grocery store, or one gas station brand etc.  I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there whose favorite brand happens to be Mossberg, and they will put all their Glocks up for sale and buy Mossberg handguns instead.

If you care to dive into the details, you can check out the Mossberg MC2c site.

If you were wondering what the price is… from what I could gather online they are going to be $500 – $600 depending the model.

Thoughts?  You buying this Mossberg M&P? Which by the transitive property of course makes this a Mossberg Glock.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I really don’t like the push button style shotgun safeties, so this is cool:

You grab one for $48 from the manufacturer S2-USA.  They also make a switch for the Benelli M4 shotgun.  The above picture is pulled from their instagram account; I could be wrong but it looks like they make the final production model quite a bit shorter in length.

I know some of you guys are going to be like “BUY A MOSSBERG…. Remington sucks”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).  I do like the Mossberg 590 top-of-receiver safety better… I’ll give you that.  I just can’t get over the 590 being Aluminum AF.

If I still had my 870 I’d definitely pick one of these switch conversions up.



Serious business.  Take notes guys:

I’m really not a fan of that Choade stock.  I am even less of a fan of having 42 lbs of ammunition strapped to the gun.  Sweet TruGlo though brAh. *snicker*

KingOfShotgunsLOL @ how he’s dead serious.  Hearing his justification regarding how he can “just grab the gun and have 57 shells with it” he actually convinced himself there is no alternative that makes sense.

That AR-15 which he says his next video will be on, doesn’t look nearly as derpy… it does have a shell catcher on it though so I can’t wait to see what he has to say about that.


Gat tip: Patrick


Yea, this happened:


Sadly, the joke is probably on me, because i’m sure they will sell a ton of those things.  At least it doesn’t have a zombie defense marketing twist put on it.  Good to see there’s a 3 sided rail on this for people that want to mount night vision, VFGs, multiple optics, co-witnessed BUIS, lasers, and a Remington masterkey.

If I had a few hundred dollars kicking around I didn’t care about, for kicks i’d buy one of these and rig it so that the lever made a dry heave sound every time it was cocked.

It’s like they are trying to out do themselves since the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw and their full-retard muzzle break they decided to throw on everything.



*shrug* sort of want…

Looks a bit awkward though compared to how we are normally use to holding guns.  You can check out some more pics from Mossberg here.

Picking it up off the floor though, I could see how the weed wacker / chainsaw grip would be advantageous to get a semi-accurate close range round off.

What do you guys think?


The 500 Chainsaw is named after the unique chainsaw-style handled grip which provides this pistol-gripped model added muzzle control.  Its tri-rail forend (with removable siderails) makes mounting your picatinny accessories a snap.

I wasn’t aware that muzzle control on a pump shotgun was such a hard thing to attain without such an accessory. :P  Gotta love that is has 3 rails and a pistol grip with it too.  If I had this, for kicks I’d mount an ACOG, a high powered optic, and a laser on each rail.

It’s not on the Mossberg website, nor can I find it in their online catalog.

Haters gonna hate. <– This pretty much sums it up.