mountain bike

Whole event captured on a GoPro.  This went down in South Africa:

Malcolm Fox was cycling on a trail with a GoPro camera strapped to his helmet when an armed man ran towards him and ordered him off his bike.  Fox can be seen climbing off as two more men approach, before making off with the bicycle and phone.

Full story – Concealed Nation

I love these types of posts because it’s when all the criminal scum sympathizers come out of the woodwork after I say my usual: It’s too bad this didn’t end with 3 dead bodies, and the mountain biker using his cellphone to call the police.  Nah you guys are right though, what those robbers need is to be caught and rehabilitated! *smh*

StrikeMark-GoPro-Glock-MountThoughts?  Spandex carry is kind of tough, but I suppose the guy could have had a tactical fannypack on.

Hat tip: GearWhoresAnon