Some parents are unsurprisingly flipping out:

CALGARY, ALBERTA – A couple of Grade 5 boys brought shell casings and live ammunition to her children’s elementary school. “They had been selling or giving away the casings to their Grade 5/6 classmates and one live bullet was sold to a boy in Grade 5,”

“If the kids are bringing the ammo to school, how are they getting a hold of it and what about the gun that goes with it? Is it as equally available to them and is that the next step?

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Oh no!  What’s the next step!  Hopefully these kids don’t have 3D printers, or access to a hardware store in Calgary.

Looks like the kids will just be disciplined for “selling personal items at school” which is apparently against the rules.

Officials are now investigating how the students got their hands on the ammunition and shell casings. 

“Sometimes this stuff is found, sometimes they find it in the homes of their parents or guardians, and then if that was the case we would speak to the parents and determine the circumstances behind that,” said Sgt. Duane Lepchuk.

Maybe they should get CSIS on it… this really sounds like something which needs lots more delving into.  Assemble the best detectives, and call the top mounties with the shiniest boots, poofiest pants, and best horses ASAP.


I’m just glad these kids didn’t have some advanced prototypes of R.I.P. Ammunition.  THOSE ROUNDS ACT LIKE A HOLE SAW THROUGH EVERY BARRIER KNOWN TO MAN SO FAR GUYS REMEMBER?!


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Ottawa Canada – RCMP officers who guard Parliament Hill are being equipped with submachine guns to give them more stopping power should a gunman attack the heart of Canada’s government.

Security, which has already been significantly beefed up after a high-profile breach last December, will get another boost in the coming months when Mounties patrolling the Hill get the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine-gun.

While officers will still rely on their semi-automatic 9-mm pistols as their main weapon, they’ll also have access to the small but effective machine guns, which will be carried as a “secondary weapon” in their cruisers

Wouldn’t it make more sense to carry both? If the purpose of the MP5 is to quickly take out an “active shooter”, running back to the car and unlocking the gun then finding the shooter again does not seem like a good plan.  My guess is they won’t be carrying the MP5 because Canada is so sensitive to guns.  All their police carry handguns, so the general public is used to that… but adding a rifle into the mix full time would likely cause a huge stir.

The RCMP have noticeably stepped up security on Parliament Hill since a daylight protest last December by Greenpeace activists, who used climbing gear and a ladder to reach the rooftops of the Centre and West Blocks, where they unfurled banners taking aim at Ottawa’s climate change stance.

That definitely sounds like a problem that an MP5 will fix.  hahah

There is no word in the article regarding what version of the MP5 they will be using.

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