Sorry piehitter, your M&P isn’t a Glock:

Nice try though ūüėŹ.

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S&W knows M&P guys aren’t the sharpest:

M&P guys will be furiously taking notes in crayon to this ūüėā… then pausing, backing up to hear what was said for the 25th time.

I wonder if these guys discussed ahead of time that one of them should grow a bit of beard scruff so they didn’t look identical?

The icing on the cake is when they answer the question every sheephitter needed to know… “Can I put the flat dark earth palm swells on the black gun?”



2.0 brahs… This is like the movie clueless, if you’re still running last season’s 1.0 you can’t sit with us at the lunch table:

Anyone finna cop this? ¬†Like I said recently… 2017 better bring some innovation to impress me, not a new version number and seemingly some minor tweaks to the old injection mold.

I remembered recently that S&W changed their name on Jan 1st to “American Outdoor Brands Corp.” so I was puzzled why this wasn’t called the American Outdoor Brands Corp. M&P M2.0. ¬†Like I usually do though, I just skimmed through the article on Bloomberg¬†but now I see the firearms division will continue to operate as Smith And Wesson. ¬†*Phew* I thought that name was being changed on everything in order to not trigger people, but it looks like an overall good branding move.

Oh and does the M2.0 still have a magazine disconnect as a “feature”. ¬†HARD PASS if so. ¬†I just can’t wrap my head around how anyone could possibly want a gun to NOT¬†shoot in the case of the magazine not being seated.



This put some numbers up on Instagram yesterday if you’re still not following:


haha good times, good times. :P ¬†I’ve got memes for days, so you all better be ready.


This is an interesting contrast to the Glock 43 commercial I posted today:

The guy in charge makes the statement at 0:23 that the idea was to let the viewer project themselves into the action of shooting the firearms rather than cast people supposedly from the target audience. ¬†Cool, yea POV definitely does that. ¬†Totally different feel in this commercial than the Glock one, but I suppose at the end of the day the same thing either is or isn’t accomplished (sales). ¬†In my mind, I don’t really know which one I feel is more effective. ¬†The S&W ones are definitely higher energy and look “fun”… so I’d say they probably get the edge. ¬†Granted it’s like comparing apples to oranges because the Glock commercial was¬†about concealed carry (a serious topic), not shooting silly string and tannerite filled watermelons for shits and giggles.

That RED POV rig they made is pretty bulky whoa. ¬†Definitely not your little brother’s GoPro when it comes to size or video quality. ¬†You can check out the Pistol and rifle commercials in their final form below:



Smith & Wesson has a new gun and a new promo:

You can find out more about the M&P 22 Compact at their splash site. Looks like it retails for $389. I wonder how it does with cheap ammo?

Jerry-MiculekSure the video is crisp, but kind of a waste of time.

Doesn’t S&W own Jerry Miculek?¬† LOL¬†Seriously though, why isn’t Jerry doing videos for them? ¬†Yea I get it Jerry is old, but they can edit¬†in a young guy shooting in his place in post production.

Do they expect #MAKEFUNFUNNER trend? ¬†Or did the old guys in marketing hear about “the hashbrown tags” from their grandsons lately and decide to try it out?