BIG LINK UP between a couple of my favorite YouTubers:

😂 the montage for the first two mins is wild.

2:40 – Holy that’s a nice gun.  The patinaaaaaaaaaaaggghhh 🤤. A lot of interesting features on it.

Really nice pickup!

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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AHOY is back!

MP40 is such a classic.

AHOY always does a nice job with these videos… both the informative voiceover and the graphics.




Judging by the barbed wire (middle right), I assume someone hung the MP40 on the wire and the tree grew around it.  If I had the patience, I’d go strap a Glock 17 to a tree this summer at my uncle’s farm, and make a Google calendar note to check it in 50 years.


Gat tip: SubGuns via SayUncle.


Bloomberg approved:

Hickok45 is the man.  I hope with all his YouTube money he buys a high speed slow motion camera eventually.  Slowing down footage from a regular camera just isn’t the same.


Richard Ryan slays an iPod Touch:

Interesting choice using a Webley Revolver and MP40.  The slow motion footage is Top Douchebag style sick!

Pretty cool that the slower rounds really tore that thing up.

Thoughts?  Getting sick of this “shoot an apple product” trend yet?  It seems to be working for Richie Rich so I doubt it will stop.