The homie Print Shoot Repeat back at it 👏:

6:34 – ~$950 ($650 if you want to press the trunion yourself) for the 3D printed version VS ~$3680 for the H&K SP5

6:58 – Holy that kit looks high quality.

Test firing it:

038 – LOL the song is incredible.

If I had any idea what the timeline for affordable / mass proliferation of in home metal printing would be, I would “Big Short” (great movie btw) some of the publicly traded gun companies.  I suppose on top of that I would add that 3d printing definitely needs to turn into more of a “press the big green button and get your part” type of thing, before the gun companies will start start to see it as a real threat to their bottom line.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A question that most people won’t have to ask themselves, but it’s cool to see the tests:

Much like James at TFBTV, Chris Baker at Lucky Gunner really goes above and beyond with the actual useful or funny content.

I’m not a lawyer… BUT I feel like depending on what state you’re in, if you did use auto in your home in self defense the prosecution would try and use it against you.  Like somehow semi auto would have been better.  I don’t know though… you guys are familiar with my long running “the prosecution will love it” bit, so let’s just file this one there as a meme if nothing else.



I know I repeatedly ask for innovation in the gun industry.  This isn’t what I meant:

Apparently “so you don’t have to take your eyes off the target when clearing spent or misfired ammunition” is the biggest selling feature.  Fair enough, but unless your AR is jamming up a lot, then taking your eyes briefly off the target after 30 rounds I wouldn’t think would be that much of an issue for presumably who their customer base is… guys who shoot their guns once or twice a month (ABSOLUTE MAX) if their wife or girlfriend hasn’t already made plans for them.  Buying one of these will likely get the coveted “Oh… interesting” from their group of friends though, so there’s that.  If you continue to watch the video you’ll see this sYsTeM uses a modified gas tube and gas key as part of the assembly.  The entire upper is $795 on the Advantage Arms website, or for those want the DIY kit it’s $300 (everything but the barrel and bolt carrier group). I probably should write a sheepdog fan fiction about all of this; it’s going on the list.

6:20 – LOL when he charges it on his belt 😭😂



I always enjoy LAV’s vids:

Man, this guy knows his stuff.

Looking slim still as usual.  Good to see!


Ahoy takes a look at the MP5 In real life and in video games:


I’d definitely put the MP5k at the top of the list for HK guns I’d like to own.  Backward cartridge version only though.  Weeeeeeeeel maybe one of those not-suitable-for-civilian MP7s.  What about you guys?

I really enjoy Ahoy’s vids, mostly for the real life historical info.  The video game stuff just reminds me that I’m old, and in awe what the youngsters are playing.



Will Richard get a secret service visit because of this? Maybe the Obama impersonator will?

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-CaliforniaAw they missed a perfect opportunity to shoot a teleprompter machine to bits. Damn that guy’s Obama voice is pretty much dead on though.  I’d troll people on the phone non stop if I could sound like that.  I assumed Alphacat (the guy in the above video playing Obama) was the guy behind the Obama plays Call of Duty hilarious video, but I was wrong.