mr organik

This guy is hilarious.  This is how I want to see all reviews from now on:

Mr_Organik is the guy.  I don’t know if you’re familiar with him, but he could literally talk shit at the camera non stop for days.  He’s very pro 2A too, so that’s always good.   Seriously watch the video; it’s a riot haha.

I blogged about him one other time when he was talking about his Draco.  It was funny as hell too.


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haha this guy is pretty funny:

0:30 – Talking about how it’s a pistol so he could walk around with it and ride with it in his car but “I’m black and I ain’t trying to die so I ain’t do that”.

1:00 – “shoot some ducks and shit”

Another funny vid where he rides around with the Drago in his car:

And another where he gives advice on how to handle being pulled over by the police when you have a gun in the car and you’re black:

haha good stuff, good stuff.


Gat tip: Ryan