A story about gun pride and how not all the women he tries to seduce are down with 2A:

She pointed and asked, “What is that?” I told her I liked to shoot and did it often, and that it was a picture of some of the guns I had. I swear, I would have been better off with a naked picture of Bill Clinton in my phone: She essentially freaked and looked at me like I was a leper who abducted kids from Chuck E. Cheese’s on the weekend.

The full story is over on NRA Sharp, make sure to check it out.  Very easy to relate to.

ENDO Apparel even got a shoutout at the end of the article!  It’s always nice to see that type of thing.  The article didn’t mention it, but wearing ENDO Apparel has been known to increase success with women by 83.34%… that’s science.



MrColionNoir making sense as usual:

I don’t even argue with people about guns and how evil they are anymore, I just ask them questions.  That gets them thinking that maybe they don’t have any REAL reason to hate guns, outside the fact they just don’t like the idea they COULD be used to kill.  That’s totally fine with me if that’s what gets them through the day.

MrColionNoir-California-No-Right-To-Bear-ArmsThis NRA gig of MrColionNoir’s looks like hard work.  So many videos, so often I don’t even have time to watch them all.  I wonder if there are writers and what not, or if he writes everything for these videos and his NOIR show himself?  I suppose I could ask him, but my email would get lost in the shuffle with all the emails from thirsty fanbois wanting to bear his children.  He must need to wear a fake beard and glasses when he visits gun stores just to avoid recognition.

Additionally, if you’re not familiar with the California Flag No Right To Bear Arms shirt from ENDO Apparel which he’s wearing, I have for sale it in lots of colors (short sleeve and long sleeve), and even in vinyl sticker form now too.


Flexin’ PRADA shoe tongue right off the bat, just to stunt on all you peasants still in Jordans etc…  I really hope the NRA is footing the bill writing off $700 shoes and misc. NewEra ball caps each episode for him.  Gotta stay fresh.

1:13 – Judging by a post I read on TTAG, “The Truth About Noir” was apparently a shot across the site’s bow.

I really thought this show would be more fun and humble, rather than confrontational.  Too much of this NRA stuff is geared towards reminding us how BAD AND WRONG people who don’t like guns are.  I’m sick of that… I really don’t give a shit if someone dislikes that I like guns, that I have a company in the industry etc… can we quit caring about that?  As I mentioned in the past, I don’t enjoy any aspect of politics so I suppose I’m ignorant to the NEED to convince people that guns aren’t actually bad just so we don’t end up with a president, and senators etc… who think further restricting gun ownership is acceptable.

3:01 – The truth about Amy?  Do any of us really care?  I think after episode 2 that question was already answered but do your thang girl.

9:35 – Jay Z Reasonable Doubt is on of my top5 favorite albums.  Pause the video and google it right now if you’re not familiar.

12:23 – “Than my good friend _____ (LaSalt?)” … who is this guy and why should I care about him?  I can’t make out the name, otherwise I’d just google him myself.  I like his country-club-Im-better-than-you-and-rich-AF-aura.  Look at you… then look at us.  AK his nightstand, right next to that bible. *2Chainz dance*  Would eat prawns, pop bottles, and LOL about gentrification with.

17: 12 – Begin way too long of a Daniel Defense advertisement, containing a fit / attractive girl who apparently swims in a wetsuit sometimes, and a t-shirt other times.  I know DD is a sponsor and all, but that shit was mad forced.

And cue the time stamp where I realized I’m fresh out of shits to give about Amy:

22:00 – In regard to smart guns “I literally unleashed a firestorm when I had posted a picture of a smartgun on my instagram… and, oh my gosh… I didn’t realize how many people out there absolutely hate even the thought or the idea of even bringing smart guns into this world because of the doors that it could open”

Old-MrColionNoirOh you unleashed a “firestorm” did you?  Well the post got 43 likes and 7 comments. The first comment was from a guy who politely said “I preferred if the smart gun thing never happens”, then 4 others echoed that sentiment.  HOLY SHIT WHAT A FIRESTORM OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS.  She straight bodied instagram’s servers with that single post. *smfh*

Suspiciously this girl only got an Instagram account around the same time there was talk about NOIR (3 months ago).   I can’t see her being around for long, she literally brings nothing to the show.  Having her parrot what Colion Noir says in a female tone is an insult to viewers’ intelligence.

Three episodes in, is this show what you thought it would be?  Thoughts?


Briefly defends his blackness, keeps it mad real in general:

To paraphrase: “They put my mom’s address online… I gave her a gun for protection”

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-CalmThe guy who posted Colion’s mom’s address online knows how to use a domain WHOIS… wow what a l33t h4x0r *smh*.  I don’t even really know why that’s news worthy, mainly considering the dude has a free blog (which it appears no one even reads) on a training wheels domain which I’m not even going to bother to link because it contains a bunch of conspiracy theory bullshit about how Colion Noir is manufactured by the NRA.  Regardless of the reach of this nobody blogger who can use a WHOIS, I’m glad Colion got a chance to talk live on FOX anyway… he did well. I’m glad Elizabeth Hasselbeck was the one to interview him, not one of those other FOX bozos. I briefly Googled Elizabeth, and she seems to have a favorable stance on guns, and even voiced it on The View in the past.


Oh and since I posted the pic above… I’m going to take this opportunity to say that Keep Calm And Carry One shirts are still $14, and sizes of some colors have run out… get yours today before they’re gone!


And you thought episode 1 was over your head, parts of this even go over my head:

1:30 – Custom colored guns from the factory? Meh that would just turn into “Fender Custom Shop” if you’re into guitars… making the gun 300% more expensive. People are just going to get it done at the regular cheaper places anyway unless you have nothing better to do with your money and really don’t care about the price.

4:11 – Regarding the “2grand rifle in a cardboard box” comment. I for one am not interested in paying more so some company can fancy-up their packaging then tack that onto the price. If gun companies were smart they would do that anyway, but I definitely wouldn’t ask for it. Boutique style gun stores if anything should be stepping up their game with things like this.

7:21 – LOL the “political plantation”

10:26 – Amy says most gun owners are independent, adventurous and athletic. ROFL good one! Two episodes in I’m starting to think she is the one whos an NRA manufactured character, because Colion Noir definitely isn’t.

14:00 – Bespoke suits? Alright even this section is way over my head and out of my realm of interest. Frankly I hate going into stores where “Personal Shoppers” proceed to fawn all over me and offer to run and get me sizes and colors etc.. of things I’m looking at, then try and force conversation to get to know me and pressure me into a sale. I’m sure it works on most people, and forces them into buying… but for a lot of us it’s just one more reason to shop on the internet.

17:50 – Tom Ford collabs? Neiman Marcus edition guns? Jesus… again why would I want to pay more for any of that? Noir is losing me on some of these segments. I didn’t think fresh-out-the-gate lawyers were instant multi-millionaires, but maybe he is… or maybe he just makes what I’d call “interesting decisions” with the disposable income he has. Hell, maybe I’m the one that’s out of touch with gun owners, and most are actually looking for ways to blow money on a “something unique that everyone else has”? *cough* Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer, Fender Custom Shop etc.. *cough*

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOI think the best part about this show is how much it’s pissing people off… even apparently myself when it comes to some of the things he says haha.



Awwwwwww shit, it’s finally that time!

Much anticipated, and definitely lives up to the hype.  I won’t spoil any of the jokes etc.. I’ll just let you guys watch the episode.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-ReloadI will say I really liked the format and the natural feel the show has.  MrColionNoir is definitely in his element.  My expectations regarding Amy weren’t that high for some reason, but she does a good job.   You can definitely tell she’s just there as support, and he’s the one running shit.  Something tells me the NRA wouldn’t go for a Amy Robbins spinoff show called BLANC (French for white).  LOL on a tangent I was just reminded of La Flama Blanca (best show ever). I transcend race, hombre.