Ms Clean

This is an amazing idea:

Ooooo dat vintage Toyota corolla burnout. You can check out the Kickstarter here.  This new double stack version is a great follow up, giving guys more space.  You can read more about the product on his website.

I’ve known about the original Ms. Clean for a while.  The inventor (and veteran) Peter Palma is pretty active all over Instagram and is funny as hell.  He was actually also on Season 1 of that show Top Shot, if you think you recognize him from somewhere but can’t place it.  I see a lot of guys I e-know using his product and they have nothing but great things to say.

I Lol’d at the 2:54 when Dugan Ashley (Carnik Con) launched Skittles out of the double Ms. Clean.  Then I also saw he was wearing my AR-15 Builders Club shirt so I knew that had to be the post picture :P


hahah good stuff.

Thoughts?  If you were deployed, did your issued cleaning kit piss you off?