The CGI looks pretty decent. I have never been much of a fan of the Resident Evil franchise though.

She is quoted in an MTV article ( HERE ) as saying in this new movie she has “a lot more guns” … that’s always good.

I’m interested to see this new Beretta that she claims has never been on camera.  Some how I doubt she is correct, seeing as all the guns listed at IMFDB page are nothing new.

The ubiquitous double Desert Eagles (Double Deagle) at 1:31 in the trailer:


Just yesterday I talked about the Grizzly Bear Chair which California hunter and trapper Seth Kinman presented to president Andrew Johnson back in 1865.. then today I see this:

TRENTON, N.J. New Jersey will hold its first bear hunt in five years this December to thin a growing black bear population that wildlife biologists say is increasingly coming into contact with suburban New Yorkers.

Wildlife officials will issue as many as 10,000 hunting permits, anticipating a kill of 500 to 750 black bears out of an estimated population of 3,400. A similar hunt in 2005 killed 297 black bears, down from 328 killed during a hunt in 2003.

Full Story – HERE

I know a good idea for an episode of Jersey Shore when I see one. Can you imagine arming all of them with rifles and telling them “Go shoot some bears”?