Putting the “radical” in radical Islam special forces:

All black everythang.  That’s how the Mujahideen rolls.

1:04 – “I said one large pizza NO bacon, not EXTRA bacon.  NO BACON you infidel.  NONE!”

1:14 – Forward rolls are always an acceptable A -> B move.

1:47 – AK door breach!  By shooting the bottom half of the door even haha.

2:22 – Mad Islamic bushcraft / camouflage skills.  I fuck heavy with that “walking trees” look.

3:39 – OH SHIT Islamic Tannerite FTW!  I recognize that explosion.

7:58 – Rolling 4 deep in the Mazda with the snorkle bout to wreck shit with AK-47s Mujahideen style.

8:23 – Two radical Islamic menswear gurus meet on a Syrian runway to discuss alphet selection for the F/W 2014 look book.  Only one makes it out alive.

8:56 – Mujahideen moving vehicle personnel transition.  v. rare and never before caught on camera.

9:34 – Whole squad got heat in the BMW X5.  Pound for pound laying bustas down.

9:56 – Islamic Morpheus in the red Hyundai.  They have his back, real talk.

You can tell these guys built their questionable skills off Costa, Instructor Zero, Sonny “Shoot House” Puzikas, and maybe even a bit of Cory & Erica’s videos.  You know damn well all they did the whole time during Cory & Erica videos though is bitch that Erica wasn’t ever wearing a hijab.  Maybe they had a Radical team to edit a hijab on Erica in post production?  That would be ill.

There is also PART 1 (embedded above) which precedes the first vid.  Some epic music and a “basic training” type course those Islam ninjas negotiate with the high-speed-low-drag quickness.  On some Mujahideen olympic style maneuvers.  They even have some flaming rings they gracefully dive through at 5:22 which I’m thinking is a subtle backhanded homage / diss.  7:16 in part one has some weapon disarms which are pretty standard.

7:38 – Forward rolls and target engagement with AKs!  Very Sonny “shoot house” Puzikas x Instructor Zero influenced.

Mujahideen-Special-ForcesWho’s supplying the Mujahideen with GoPros?  Are their morale patches witty like ours?


Hat tip: Thomas


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