This shit… this shit right here:


Many times when I make fun of a product, I feel bad for a split second.  Yea I have a bit of a conscience because I know how much work and money it takes to bring products to market.  That said, when something as retarded as the product above is actually given life through CNC, steel, polymer, and injection molding… it makes me not only very sad, but at the same time also incredibly curious.  I want to know EVERYTHING about the company all of the sudden, but I also simultaneously want to forget I even know about this item, and go back to feeling innocent and happy for the state of the firearms industry again.

A crucial video showing its function:

The company which makes this monstrosity is called MuleTAC.  You can tell they came up with the acronym before the meaning of the letters… “Modular Utility Linked Equipment” hahah ok guys, whatever you say.  Is the company called MULE because this product is pure ASS? *zing, I’ll be here every day*  By all means PLEASE click the above link and go and buy one of their stocks for all your rifles, and throw your Magpul stock in the garbage.  I will also promote worthy pics and vids here on the blog and on Instagram of you operating / training with it and drawing the handgun from there or something equally as derpy, and love you long time in the process.  They actually just call it a “storage” stock granted… which is almost more confusing.  Why would I want to store something that heavy inside of my rifle? *smh*

Thoughts?  Is this an insta-cop for you, once it drops on the MuleTAC website?  Once Costa or Instructor Zero possibly start shilling it?  Ooooooooo, yea I said it haha.

Gat tip: Rick, Bes


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