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The Blackout USA Flag with Multicam is now back in stock at ENDO.  I didn’t get a chance to announce it on here when I first started stocking them, because it sold out very quickly. 

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Why not?  A funny ad they made up to sell the thing:

charlie-daniels“Hell even give it to the NAVY.  The SEALS could use it to keep their Zima’s warm while they write their next book” <—– OHHHHHHH SHOTS FIRED haha.

$15 for the Beer Bivy at Armageddon Gear.


Yup… this happened:


  • Extreme comfort – Ergonomic design to provide extra comfort and support for parent and baby.
  • Lumbar support – Exclusive Patent Pending weight distribution lumbar support to ease back pressure.
  • Adjustable hood – Protect your child from the elements with the adjustable sleeping hood made with breathable fabric.
  • Custom storage compartments – Convenient customized multiple storage compartments for all the items you’ll need.

Multicam-Baby-CarrierI give this an automatic 5/5 stars for operators who knocked up their girlfriends.  In standard internet fashion there is very little information on this product, and no price or availability date or anything.  Like I said pretty standard… you can keep an eye on the website – Quokkajoy , and contact them if you’re interested.  Make sure to report back so I can update this post.

Here’s some knowledge… I assumed the name must have some sort of relevance / meaning so I googled Quokka, and sure enough it’s a marsupial the size of a domestic cat.

Thoughts?  Would impregnate a female then operate with this carrier?  Would keep a Quokka as a pet?  These are the things I need to know.

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An Independence Day video:

Black-American-Flag-Multicam-Stars-Detail-2A company I had never heard of called Qore Performance put it out… they appear to make some nice base layer clothing.  Nice work!  I’m not sure why they disabled comments on it though haha… were people like “SCREW FREEDOM!”  “Liberty SUCKS!”  “Trashcanistan > America”?

<– The black American flag is on backorder over at ENDO Apparel if you’re interested.



A different take on the timeless classic:


Available now over at ENDO Apparel

I told you guys this summer was going to be huge. Lots more new shirt designs and new products soon.

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