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A certified summer bop:

“We got switches, glizzies, and four fizzies that’s that gun talk”.  Nice opener haha.

Not bad!  I just know at some point in my life I’m going to be stopping to fuel up and will come across something like this.  I just hope the guys are cool and let me have a cameo in the video. 🤣

I’m always happy when some ambassadors of the 2nd Amendment make some good music.

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At the start of his new video for the song Easy Rider:

Action-Bronson-Shooting-m4-RifleDespite the fact they are obvious blanks, this video and song are so sick.

“The brass band was seven pieces, my bitch’s name is Peaches / We got twin Mac elevens with the features” -Action Bronson

If you haven’t seen the cooking show he has on VICE Munchies; “Fuck That’s Delicious”, you should get familiar.

I can hardly wait for the new album to drop.  He’s definitely one of my top 5 favorite new rappers.  Anyone with me?


What do you do when you and your wife have a combined net worth of around $900 million?

Call up all your celebrity anti-gun friends and make a video FULL of guns and gun play.  Typical.

Beyonce-Demand-A-PlanPretty much a useless video, but it looks like it would have been fun to make.

Thoughts?  Does it piss you off when anti-gun celebrities jump on the gun bandwagon when it’s convenient?  YouTube views for example.


Not really much to the song, it’s catchy though I suppose.. and the video is nice:

0:07 – Cool little kids are great

0:55 – Oh shit, lil homie just handed a pack off.  Smooth move.

1:13 – If you own a gun and haven’t done this I feel bad for you son.

1:15 – Not a bad grip at all!  I always brace for teacup or full on sideways G style.

1:28 – If tell me you haven’t flex-jiggled your pecs in the mirror you’re either lying or I feel bad for you a 2nd time.

1:30 – SURPRISE… he grew up to be a cop

1:55 – Go be a hipster somewhere else.

2:08 – Fake police bust, then daps all around.  Jeh jeeahh.

2:29 – Go be a white, white t-shirt wearing honky somewhere else.  Oh yea and I’m calling the DEA on your ass.

2:45 – That’s what I’m talking about!  I officially want to hang with these guys, just do reckless shit all day wildin out because we are the law.

3:14 – Donuts in the cruiser, and I ain’t talking the delicious fatty kind.

3:30 – DENIED!  BLOCKA BLOCKA.  Go be white and play basketball somewhere else you creepy-ass-cracker

3:36 – Oooo that’s right I’m stylin on you.

3:42 – OH NO HE DIDN’T… and the Glocks come out, so do the warning shots.  Sup now?  Sup?

4:19 – Hahah the old “sure you can see my gun… NAHHHHH” trick cops always use on kids.

4:23 – Waaaaaah kids with guns.  This is bound to upset some people even though it’s clearly a music video.

4:33 – Little dude better work on his hand strength, or get some grip tape on there or something!  Better yet, he could practice his heel-racking skills.  Oh and here is where teacup comes into play… and a loose looking one at that.


Hat tip: Krystian


From the band Biting Elbows.  This is intense:

Despite the atrocious modified-teacup grip, this video was really well done.  I don’t feel like a person has truly “operated” until they’ve kicked the front of back window out of a vehicle to make it easier to shoot / see out of.

I really want to visit one of those retired military aircraft graveyards someday.  I’d even like to own something awesome like that to make a shed or a bunker out of.


Hat tip: Steven


Brotha Ruff Brings it… the action starts at 3:06:

And when I say action I mean, corny church shootout between good and evil using automatic 1911 handguns.   The special effects are so bad it’s hard to watch.  I especially like how “Evil” has on a slick rick style eye patch and wave cap.  You all thought since I’m white I wouldn’t know that huh?  I know Evil’s got his 360 waves spinnin’.

Despite the production of the video, the rapper Brotha Ruff is actually really good.  His flow reminds me of Xzibit.  “Yo Dawg, I heard you like”… never mind I can’t think of a good one.

OH LAWD Will the well of internet gun humor ever run dry?  Thankfully it doesn’t look like it.


Hat tip: Daniel