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I’d call him functionally retarded… but that would be disrespectful to functionally retarded people:

He likes rapping going on camera with firearms:

This isn’t the first time I’ve covered Lil B’s shennigans.  You can check out Lil B Making Noise While Holding A Handgun if you’re a sucker for punishment.

Sadly for us, this guy probably has millions of dollars in the bank.  *shrug*  Haters gonna hate I suppose.

Hat tip: Cameron F.


From Jake Knapp, the same guy who brought is the original Every Day Carry Rap:

He hits on some key points in this video.  The effort Jake puts into production is much appreciated, I like that MTV video type look.  Him and FXhummel1 should collaborate.

Hat tip: Dave W.


Her new music video with spliced together scenes from bad old action movies:

I don’t really think the video matches the feel of song that well, but it’s catchy regardless.

Lana Del Rey’s highly anticipated 2nd album Born To Die comes out Jan 31, 2012.


I usually don’t like the flow white rappers have, and this guy is no exception:

The vid and lyrics are entertaining and the video is pretty well done, so mission accomplished.

I love the CutleryLover appearance at (2:26) before the rapper spits “I made my girlfriend a 550 paracord thong”.

Hat tip: Jerome


On this new track/video “Life is Good”:

I say it all the time, Hickok45 is the man!   Him teaming up with Steve Lee though, is basically comparable to Al Pacino and Pee Wee Herman making a movie together.

Unless you want to hear Steve Lee’s predictably poor lyrics and the same basic song composition he always has, just put the video on mute and enjoy the shooting in HD.


This isn’t rap music:

You guys know I keep my ear to the mean streets of Rap music. Calling what I just showed you, either “rap” or “music” is disrepectful to real talent.  I love music and freedom of speech, but this particular video should not exist.

It’s hard to tell exactly what handgun he’s holding because of the classic DSLR video move of pulling the focus in and out while having shitty video contrast.  Probably airsoft though.

Quotable quotes and memorable video moments:

(0:24) “a Glock 10 with extension, MAC-12 lay a hater down like detention” – Glock 10?  Is that better than the Glock 7?

(2:15) Stop gun violence message – Classic…

(2:24) Doing the “cooking dance” with a handgun – *facepalm*

(3:00) $100k to book LIL B for a show – Uh… no

(3:21) Oh snap.. he pulled out the “Rare Luxery Cooking Dance” – Not sure what Luxery is… but *shrug* do your thing kid.

Well I decided to check out this doofus’ twitter page and lo and behold he has just under 364,000 followers.  Ugh… kids these days.

I don’t want to say he trumps Soulja Boy’s level of stupidity, but he’s definitely coming close.

I’m starting to think 2 University degrees were a waste of time. I should have just focused on getting tattoos and being ignorant on any mic or video I could get find.