I don’t think this video was originally meant to be funny:

Prevent-Gun-Violence-Assault-MusketBut as you can see it’s hilarious.  Ban assault muskets.  I know some of you are going to say “It’s because the powder is black, isn’t it?”

OMG How did he miss that shot?!

The group that came out with this hilarious vid is called “States United To Prevent Gun Violence”… and if you didn’t think that name was shitty enough sounding check out the acronym it makes: “SUP GV”  Like… what up Gun Violence?  How you doin’?


Hat tip: Marco, Chris


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Full Story – HERE

ROFL… a musket! …only in Canada.  Lucky with their fabulous registry the police will be able to catch those criminals quickly… oh wait.. never mind that won’t happen.