Here is her justification of why her shooting range is now a Muslim-free Zone.  Oh cool she has a “media company”… yea this plan is pretty see-through.  Standard attention grab at the national level.  Create OUTRAGE and you’ll lose some people but overall probably gain customers through bigotry and free advertising.  I don’t know enough about Islam to comment on the validity of her arguments on the excerpts she grabbed from the Quran.  I went to school with numerous Muslim guys and girls that were great people so regardless of what “some” people who follow Islam have done, I can’t hate.  White people of all religions have done terrible things since the beginning of time too.  The holocaust, Oklahoma city bombing,  etc… what’s next a Jewish range owner banning people with German sounding names from their shooting range?  Yea that would be derpy too.

Thoughts?  Genius business plan in these ISIS times, or derp-level-infinity?


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Should a guy get upset when he sees Muslim women targets? MrColionNoir investigates:

My answer to the guy (which is basically the same as MrColionNoir’s)… spend your time doing something more important that trying to find things to be offended by.

This reminds me I’m almost out of the Trayvon Martin shooting targets I ordered a while back.   Just kidding… get a shop vac for and take care of that sand in your tactical panties before it leaves a rash.

As a last note, I’d classify the bleeding Obama zombie shooting target as one that is just plain tacky.  I’m not “offended” by it, but I sure wouldn’t spend my money on it or feel comfortable telling everyone how awesome it was to shoot at.  Sure they don’t call it the Obama target, but that is undeniably what it is supposed to represent.



Chris Morris’ highly anticipated feature follows four young Muslim men on a thrillingly fictional story which illuminates the radicalised British jihad and undermines the folly of western culture’s attempts to alienate them.

Four Lions movie website – HERE

Looks like it has potential. I can’t find any info on if/when it will be showing in U.S. theaters.



I hope the reporter told them that it was a shitty song.

I would have preferred to hear some Justin Bieber in that accent… that would have been a lot cuter.